Welcome to Orena Humphreys Public Library

Here you will find upcoming events and pic's of the last one.
Come check out movies and books and Video games/card games, if you have a little extra time, bring your kids to play in are Tiger Den while you search the web and check your email.
Also if you would like to look up the past we have a great Genealogy section.We got Dvd's and books and a lot of fun to be had.
Here is a peek  of the Easter Decorations.
Hey everyone here is our Wings to Soar show! Everyone please come out. It's strictly donations to help these birds that can't be put back into the wild.
Robert Klous will be at the Orena Humphreys Public Library Friday, January 20th 3:00 to 6:00. Come by and talk with him and enjoy a peak at his new book. Finders of Truth; Keeps of Faith. It is a collection of 366 motivational and biblically supported readings arising out of the author’s many years of personal devotion and meditation on God’s Word and Truth. It is designed to help all Christians become all that God intends for them and to do all that He desires of them. It inspires a devotional life which will introduce readers to the living Christ, to supernatural living and to be a fruitful and properly function member of the true Church Jesus is building. If properly read and practiced it will lead to individual renewal, corporate revival and cultural revolution. It will help deliver those trapped in postmodern culture, heal those paralyzed with organized religion, and will bring life to those well DONE with American Churchianity. The daily quotes and motivational readings and practical subject index are designed to transform the ordinary Christian into an extraordinary believer. It will help those who only expect the natural to experience the supernatural. It will help those tempted to give up the faith to keep the faith.
Its that time of the year at the library Happy Holidays from OHPL.

Map to library below.

1130 N. Main ST. whitwell,TN 37397
Whitwell Middle School Holocaust Cart

Above is the Holocaust rail cart with 11million paperclips.

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Painting the Head librarian did.
Welcome to
Orena Humphrey's Public Library.

Great learning day in Crossville, TN for the Marion County Library Trustees yesterday. I got the privilege to tag along. Had great time and gained lots of new info for the library.

WCOG Strongman week 4 Summer Reading Program.

Shadow of the Demon Lord playtest.

Check out the new Gaming section and feel free to set-up a game night just let us know when you would like to do one.